Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013

Dave and Paula Middlestead......Random act of kindness at Christmas...just bought the elderly couple next to us dinner tonight. Didn't even know them.
Thank you Dave and Paula  x x

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17th

Vivian Docherty.... Just done my good deed, cause Nora asked me. Met an old lady struggling with her walking frame and a bag of shopping hanging on it, I know how heavy that makes it, as when I take mum out on her wheelchair and add a bad of groceries to it, it's really hard going..walked her straight to her door, carried her heavy load... FEELING GOOD xx

Thank you Vivian x x

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 15th

Candice Hughes..... We have just had a big snowfall ( blizzard )   She shovelled her neighbours porch and walkway. ( her neighbour has hurt his back )
Thank you Candice x x

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14th

Tori Blanchette.... Paid for someone's order behind her in the Tim Horton's drive through

Thank you Tori  x

Melanie Wong... Yesterday morning while the snow melt of the day before was still frozen, I was walking my dog down our steeply sloped street, when I witnessed the lady who lives two doors down from us slip and fall. I ran back up the hill to help her up, checked for injuries, then helped her carry her groceries to her door.

Thanks so much Melanie  x

Candice Hughes....  Shovelled snow the other day for a neighbour with a back injury.

Thank you Candice

May Denham.... 

My donation to disaster on behalf off myself and my friend nora . rice pasta soups tins beans tomatoes tuna bays milk nappies bottles wet wipes baby talc & wash nappie cream ain't bac hand wash shower gels shampoo for adults I think I covers the basic essentials
Thank you May  x x
Kristi Christensen......Drove a lady who missed the bus barely to the train station to catch the bus to cross iron mills!
Thank you Kristi x x
Ria Jones.....Did some laundry and mending for a visually impaired neighbor
Thank you Ria x

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12th

Tom Price.... Act of kindness..... On the way home from work I spotted our Missionaries at the bus stop, gave them a lift home, told them Nora asked me to do it

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nora's Acts of Kindness

So far....

-- babysat
-- paid someone's meal
--gave a listening ear ( when was extremely busy )
--paid for someone's medication
-- shovelled driveway
--made dinner for someone

November 9th

Heather Rashke... helped a teacher at school   Thank You

Garry King... fixes and tidies up photo's  that have lines or wrinkles in them... this is what he did for me 

They are both stunning now... Thank You
Ignacio Onate...cleaned off the sidewalk from snow
Thank you Ignacio
Paul and Elisha Redpath.... Gave away Canadian candy to their neighbour ( who is Canadian )
Rosena Johnson...I stayed an hour late after work (2 till around 3am) to buy a coffee and comfort a woman that needed an ear x
Mary McStravick...Brought lunch to a dear friend
Krista Maher..... On thurs I helped an older gentlemen across a small piece of ice while holding julie. I told him I am strong. I offered anyways
Thank you everyone  x
Candice Hughes .... Filled 2 grocery bags and donated it to the Veterans Food Bank.

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th

Mary McStravick... my husband and I was in the store and in the line up we notice a older lady checking for money she was short my husband told the cashier we would pay it the lady thank us nice to see a smile on her face

Thank you Mary   x

Sharon Richardson - Reyes..... OhhOhohoOoh Ok so FIANLLY I have time to tell you..I DID an act of random kindness for your honor this morning at 7:50 am I drove up to the bank machine to deposit some money that needed to be there for a payment coming out, after dropping the boys at school !! YEs I was in my Pj's but isn't that why we have drive through banking ? Anyway..I got to the machine but there were NO envelopes!!! Frustrated I went back ready for the day...drove Aurelia to school and went back to the bank machine for 9:15 am...STILL NO ENVELOPES...I pulled into the parking out...DRESSED rmember not in my pj's And went to do my banking inside!! Then it hit's my good deed for Nora....I'll take a bunch of the envelopes from inside and go put them in the dispenser for drive through as I waited for the drive to clear...another car and another car and another car pulled through...SIGH after another car pulled up I SMILEd and told thme what I was trying ot accomplish..they laughed and said well how about we help YOU... It all worked out...there were ther cars arriving as I left and all I could do was smile casue I knew ONE of thme would NOT HAVE TO GO INSIDE ot do their banking like I did YUP I did it for YOU and the next depositer Love you Nora!!

Love you too... Thank you Sharon  x

Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st....

My sister in law Samantha Coles did this : In Your name Nora Newman Redpath I walked a stranger to her destination in Peterborough today as she was from niagara falls and quite lost.

Thank you so much Samantha  x x

Jim and Cheri Streeter did this.....For Nora on her 58th Birthday. Jim and I went to dinner at a little cafe in American Fork, Utah... Across the dining area from us, was a little old man - looked to be about 75 or so, eating his dinner. We spoke to the waitress and asked a few questions about this gentleman. His name is Billy, and he eats his dinner at this cafe every day and has done so for years. He has never been married, lived in American Fork his whole life, and had polio when he was young. Jim and I decided to pay for his dinner anonymously. When we settled our ticket, we added his to ours and just left. We hope it made him smile. Cheri

Thank you Jim and Cheri... appreciate it so much x x