Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4th

Mary McStravick... my husband and I was in the store and in the line up we notice a older lady checking for money she was short my husband told the cashier we would pay it the lady thank us nice to see a smile on her face

Thank you Mary   x

Sharon Richardson - Reyes..... OhhOhohoOoh Ok so FIANLLY I have time to tell you..I DID an act of random kindness for your honor this morning at 7:50 am I drove up to the bank machine to deposit some money that needed to be there for a payment coming out, after dropping the boys at school !! YEs I was in my Pj's but isn't that why we have drive through banking ? Anyway..I got to the machine but there were NO envelopes!!! Frustrated I went back ready for the day...drove Aurelia to school and went back to the bank machine for 9:15 am...STILL NO ENVELOPES...I pulled into the parking out...DRESSED rmember not in my pj's And went to do my banking inside!! Then it hit's my good deed for Nora....I'll take a bunch of the envelopes from inside and go put them in the dispenser for drive through as I waited for the drive to clear...another car and another car and another car pulled through...SIGH after another car pulled up I SMILEd and told thme what I was trying ot accomplish..they laughed and said well how about we help YOU... It all worked out...there were ther cars arriving as I left and all I could do was smile casue I knew ONE of thme would NOT HAVE TO GO INSIDE ot do their banking like I did YUP I did it for YOU and the next depositer Love you Nora!!

Love you too... Thank you Sharon  x

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