Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st....

My sister in law Samantha Coles did this : In Your name Nora Newman Redpath I walked a stranger to her destination in Peterborough today as she was from niagara falls and quite lost.

Thank you so much Samantha  x x

Jim and Cheri Streeter did this.....For Nora on her 58th Birthday. Jim and I went to dinner at a little cafe in American Fork, Utah... Across the dining area from us, was a little old man - looked to be about 75 or so, eating his dinner. We spoke to the waitress and asked a few questions about this gentleman. His name is Billy, and he eats his dinner at this cafe every day and has done so for years. He has never been married, lived in American Fork his whole life, and had polio when he was young. Jim and I decided to pay for his dinner anonymously. When we settled our ticket, we added his to ours and just left. We hope it made him smile. Cheri

Thank you Jim and Cheri... appreciate it so much x x

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