Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9th

Heather Rashke... helped a teacher at school   Thank You

Garry King... fixes and tidies up photo's  that have lines or wrinkles in them... this is what he did for me 

They are both stunning now... Thank You
Ignacio Onate...cleaned off the sidewalk from snow
Thank you Ignacio
Paul and Elisha Redpath.... Gave away Canadian candy to their neighbour ( who is Canadian )
Rosena Johnson...I stayed an hour late after work (2 till around 3am) to buy a coffee and comfort a woman that needed an ear x
Mary McStravick...Brought lunch to a dear friend
Krista Maher..... On thurs I helped an older gentlemen across a small piece of ice while holding julie. I told him I am strong. I offered anyways
Thank you everyone  x
Candice Hughes .... Filled 2 grocery bags and donated it to the Veterans Food Bank.

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